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Final SOC Auction #127 - Closing 31 August 2018. 8/2/2018 -- The final SOC Auction is now taking place via mail. You may download the auction listing from our website. Just remember that your bids must be in to the SOC Auction Manager, Chris Cohen, no later than 31 August.
Cover JSP Spring 2018Summer 2018 Journal of Sports Philately is now online. 5/30/2018 -- Who doesn’t like cute mascots, especially a surfing blue koala? The Summer 2018 issue of the Journal of Sports Philately reports on this year’s Commonwealth Games held in the Gold Coast region of eastern Australia. As reported by Mark Maestrone, the games’ mascot, Barobi, was featured in much of the philatelic output from host postal administration, Australia Post. Next up is the conclusion of Mark’s thematic examination of the artistic and financial aspects of the 1976 Montreal Olympic Stadium complex in “Montreal’s Big ‘O’: Monumental Masterpiece or Financial Folly?” We’ve all encountered topical stamps from third world countries and wondered whether they ever saw legitimate use by their postal services. Norman Jacobs encountered one such instance of a tennis stamp from Guinea on a cover addressed to an international pen pal service in Finland which he describes in “International Youth Service (IYS) Commercial Sports Covers.” The flip side of this discussion – the printing and sale of illegal sports and Olympic stamps – is discussed by former UPU official, Maria Libera in “Be vigilant when seeking out stamps on sports topics.” With Part 4 of “Paris 1924, I Owe You,” we continue with Manfred Bergman as he reviews the Olympic salute on stamps devoted to the 1924 Paris Olympic Games. Norman Rushefsky takes on baseball in post-World War II Europe in “Sports ‘Twofer’ Cover From Italy.” For a twist, Patricia Loehr, delves into the unearthly story of a Carribean island golf course which disappeared under a sea of volcanic effluvia in “Montserrat Golf Course, a Vanishing Green.” We hope you enjoy your philatelic Summer of 2018!

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LA 2018 - 24th World Olympic Collectors' Fair 4/13/2018 -- The Organizing Committee of Los Angeles 2018 is proud to announce that the 24th World Olympic Collectors' Fair will take place at the Long Beach Convention Center from September 6-8, 2018. Collectors and visitors are invited to visit the official website -- LA2018.ORG -- for more information and registration forms. Press Release
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