Fair inside 1932 Arena

21st World Olympic Collectors Fair
**Special Show Postcard & Postmark**

The 2015 Olympic Fair at Lake Placid's historic 1932 Olympic Arena was a grand success. To commemorate this epic event, SPI is offering the official show postcard (created by the host Olympin Collectors Club) with special U.S. Postal Service postmark on three days (10, 11, and 12 September).

All proceeds benefit SPI and the Olympin Collectors Club!

Olympic postcard, both sides

Official Fair Postcard with special postmark: $2.50 each
(Only 11 September postmark is available)

Official Fair Postcard: (no stamp or postmark): 2 for $1.00

Shipping/Handling Cost:
US: $1.00 (1-4 cards); $1.50 (5-8 cards); $2.00 (9-12 cards)
International: $1.50 (1-4 cards); $2.50 (5-8 cards); $3.50 (9-12 cards).

Place your order by email to markspi@prodigy.net
Pay via PayPal to treasurer@sportstamps.org