2020 Tokyo Olympic Games
Japan Post new postal stationery card
First Day of Issue: 1 April 2020

Front of 2020 Japan Olympic postal card issued 1 April 2020

The card, entitled Harmony of Tradition and Modernity, is described in the postal announcement as follows (translated from Japanese to English): The old-fashioned streets of Japan are decorated with the emblems of the Tokyo 2020 Games, depicting a vibrant atmosphere in which people are happily on the move. Modern items such as drones and smart phones are also hidden in the design, expressing the "harmony between tradition and advanced technology" that is one of the characteristics of Japan and Tokyo.

The card, with a postal rate of 70¥ imprinted on the indicium (shown below), will be sold for 100¥. The 70¥ pays the airmail postcard rate worldwide.The reverse of the card displays the logo of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in the bottom left corner.

The quantity printed will be 100,000. Another three postal cards will be issued at the same time, however none are Olympic related. These postal cards will be available in 282 post offices nationwide.

Thanks to SPI member Ellis Kwan for the report.

Reverse of 2020 Japan Olympic postal card issued 1 April 2020