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athlete and soccer ballSports Fitness Advisor website 2/2/2018 -- Getting ready to enjoy the world's best winter sport athletes competing at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games? For the rest of us mere mortals, sports are more for fitness and fun. Here's a helpful website with great information on many different sports. As the author, Australian sports fitness advisor Jacky Anderson, says: "No hype. No bull. Just the facts." Have a look at Jacky's website www.sport-fitness-advisor.com. Better yet, sign up for his free e-newsletter!
Sports & Olympic exhibits on UICOS website 1/23/2018 -- Our Italian sister society -- UICOS -- maintains an extensive list of Olympic and sports philatelic exhibits on its website: www.uicos.org/collezioni-online/, all of which are available for viewing by the public. Included are multiple football (soccer) exhibits, as well as displays on rugby, track & field, cycling, golf, tennis and volleyball. There is also a group of so-called “historical” collections such as “Philately Tells: Women at the Olympic Games,” and handicapped sports. If you are starved for ideas on something to collect or looking for examples on exhibiting, this is a great place for inspiration.
Society of Olympic Collectors Auction #125 now available. 12/8/2017 -- In support of our sister society in the UK, we are making their auction available from the SPI website. The net profit from each sale through SPI's portal will be split evenly between SOC and SPI.
Cover JSP Summer 2017Winter 2017 Journal of Sports Philately is now online. 11/15/2017 -- Have you ever wondered about how the Olympic salute came about, or noticed how it resembles the fascist salute of the 1930s and 1940s? Manfred Bergman takes us on a journey to discover the roots of the salute in Part 2 of his article, “Paris 1924, I Owe You.” Ice hockey has been much in the news this year with North America’s NHL owners deciding against a break in the schedule for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. Ice hockey’s philatelic commemoration has, however, not suffered. Kon Sokolyk reviews Canada’s final set of six stamps honoring ice hockey’s centennial, while Mark Maestrone covers the Canada/USA joint issue for the History of Hockey. In other sports, Norm Rushefsky presents an article on baseball first day covers with cachets promoting various MLB teams. Our golf expert, Patricia Loehr, shows some meters publicizing golf along with at least one other sport. From Europe is an article (reprinted from our German sister society, IMOS) by Wolfgang Marx on gymnastics private post stamps, accompanied by a very informative explanation of the German private posts by Thomas Lippert. In the interest of kindling enthusiasm for first-time exhibiting, Norm Jacobs provides his top ten practical tips on getting started. For all col-lectors, Manda Kowalczyk of the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum provides guidance on how we should be caring for our collections to preserve them for future sports and Olympic philatelists. We hope you enjoy this issue!

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Bratislava Fortress

2017 WOCF Logo2017 World Olympic Collectors Fair -- 8-10 September -- Bratislava, Slovakia.
09/25/2017 -- The 23rd World Olympic Collectors Fair in Bratislava was a great success due primarily to the energy of the organizing committee which had just three months to put all the pieces in place. For the full official report on the Fair, please visit the AICO website (https://aicolympic.org/report-2017-world-olympic-collectors-fair-bratislava/). For a different perspective read my report printed in the Fall 2017 issue of the Journal of Sports Philately which is available to the public by clicking here. Congratulations to the BRATISLAVA 2017 organizers for a job will done!.
Have A Ball Stamps

Have a Ball! stamps - First Day covers. 09/25/2017 -- SPI has a limited number of "Have A Ball" First Day Covers with 2024 Los Angeles Olympics cachets. Choose from 6 different cachets with matching ball stamp: golf (Riviera Country Club), basketball (Staples Center), baseball (Dodger Stadium), volleyball (Honda Center), soccer (Rose Bowl), and tennis (StubHub Tennis Center).

Covers are $5 each (postpaid worldwide). Quantities are limited! Order today from John La Porta (album@comcast.net), or by mail to: 17612 Sean Dr., Orland Park, IL 60467 USA. Payment by PayPal preferred (treasurer@sportstamps.org). US$ checks (made payable to "SPI"), cash or money orders are also accepted.
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